Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hey there,
  So I was trying to think what have I been up to lately in the productivity department.  I realized that I maybe haven't done as much quilting as normal but I have done a lot of crocheting.  It just seems unproductive because I never take pics of what I crochet.  I crocheted a few cowls, a lot of kids toques for church and some baby toques for friends who have had kids.  I guess I need to take more pics of what I crochet.  I have finished a couple of baby quilts for all the pregnant people in my world.
 A denim stroller quilt using an idea I found on Pinterest.

 The blocks were about 12 inches (without seams).  I think it will go to a teacher on staff who already has a 2 year old and they walk everywhere so I think the new baby will need to stay warm in his/her stroller.
 The second quilt (which I finished on holidays) will go to Anika who is the daughter of a teacher on staff.  She had open heart surgery at one week old so her name and the occasional heart are quilted into this John Deer quilt.  The back is one of those cheater panels that looks like lots of squares.  I used the cheater (fold over) binding method that you had pinned on Pinterest and it worked pretty well.  I should have been more precise with my corners but they still look fine.
This year's "Christmas Pie" ornaments
We had Grandpa, Aunty, Uncle, Mel,Chris, T.J. and my parents over for Christmas Eve supper.  This year I mad little mitten ornaments to fill with flashlights ( just like Grandma did), lotto tickets, and candy.  Last year I had crocheted little socks, I'm not sure what next year will be.  I'm not going to lie, as I was filling them I had a big ugly missing my Grandma cry, our family had a few of those this year.

I made this wall hanging for Sharen this year.  I did a lot of detail free motion on Mary and Joseph in different colours and did some quilting in the borders.  I even remembered to put a hanging sleeve on the back.
 So I guess I have been somewhat productive lately, maybe just not a very proficient blogger.  Must work on that for next year.

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  1. I love the JD quilt. It's so cute!! I enlarged the wall hanging to see the stitching. You did a great job. I bet your Mom loved it. Such a great gift. You should start taking pictures of all the crocheting. It would be a good record of your productivity. I took a look though the blog the other day and we've done good this year!! I still have a pile of UFOs! Maybe I'll get some of them done next year!!