Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hey there,
  So I was trying to think what have I been up to lately in the productivity department.  I realized that I maybe haven't done as much quilting as normal but I have done a lot of crocheting.  It just seems unproductive because I never take pics of what I crochet.  I crocheted a few cowls, a lot of kids toques for church and some baby toques for friends who have had kids.  I guess I need to take more pics of what I crochet.  I have finished a couple of baby quilts for all the pregnant people in my world.
 A denim stroller quilt using an idea I found on Pinterest.

 The blocks were about 12 inches (without seams).  I think it will go to a teacher on staff who already has a 2 year old and they walk everywhere so I think the new baby will need to stay warm in his/her stroller.
 The second quilt (which I finished on holidays) will go to Anika who is the daughter of a teacher on staff.  She had open heart surgery at one week old so her name and the occasional heart are quilted into this John Deer quilt.  The back is one of those cheater panels that looks like lots of squares.  I used the cheater (fold over) binding method that you had pinned on Pinterest and it worked pretty well.  I should have been more precise with my corners but they still look fine.
This year's "Christmas Pie" ornaments
We had Grandpa, Aunty, Uncle, Mel,Chris, T.J. and my parents over for Christmas Eve supper.  This year I mad little mitten ornaments to fill with flashlights ( just like Grandma did), lotto tickets, and candy.  Last year I had crocheted little socks, I'm not sure what next year will be.  I'm not going to lie, as I was filling them I had a big ugly missing my Grandma cry, our family had a few of those this year.

I made this wall hanging for Sharen this year.  I did a lot of detail free motion on Mary and Joseph in different colours and did some quilting in the borders.  I even remembered to put a hanging sleeve on the back.
 So I guess I have been somewhat productive lately, maybe just not a very proficient blogger.  Must work on that for next year.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arm Knitting

I've seen so many big chunky scarves that were made by arm knitting.  I've pinned a few examples and how to's but haven't tried it until today.  Thanks to Julie sending me this:

Her ... it's you ... in Julie's Edmonton Oilers inspired arm knitted scarf, which is fantastic!!  Juile used a you tube instruction video.  The tutorial is called "Arm knit an Infinity Scarf in 30 minutes - The Original Tutorial - With Simply Maggie".  It took me a bit to cast onto my arm ... actually I took a break and phoned you because I was frustrated.  I watched a few more instructional videos and couldn't follow them either.  So I went back to the tutorial that Julie sent me and played it over and over and over until I figured it out.  
Once started, I discovered that it is really simple and works up quickly!! Next time I would use chunky yarn.  I used what I had in my yarn stash.  I should only have a material stash but I'm beginning to collect yarn too!

Here's the finished product:

I love it!  I'm going to give it away as one of the pay it forward gifts.  I signed up for the pay it forward thing in January and have a few more gifts to send out!  

Here's the other cowl scarf I made to give away:

I refuse to take a full picture of myself because I haven't brushed my hair yet today and its standing up every where!!
Stay Warm

Grandma Anne

So I did it again .... Yep I gave away another quilt! I gave Grandma the "Aunt Edna's Everyday Dishes" quilt! Remember that one?!?!? It was the first one I quilted! I love that quilt and had givers remorse! She loved it so that made it better. Still was hard!

My goal today is to be productive!! Hopefully I'll have something to show you soon!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I gave a quilt away!!

Take a look at this:

This is ECS's Sr. Girls Basketball team in thier pink jereseies. (Is that how you spell that?)  Jessie Smoliak is the coach of the team.  She's the shorter one in the white t-shirt!  I think this is the 3rd year that they have had a "Pink Tournament".  Each year they raise money for breast cancer research.  They have a bake sale for a couple of days prior to the tournament and at the tournament.  There is a silent auction and they sell "Shoot for a Cure" t-shirts.  All the money raised at the tournament is donated.  This year, I made them a quilt to raffle off!!  I used the breast cancer material.  A Mom of a girl on the team won the quilt and she loves it!  I'm thinking, I might have to make this an annual thing I do!  This year, the team donated some money to Lindsay Collins (a teacher on our staff who is battling breast cancer).  They presented her with a cheque at their pink game (the game when they wear their pink jeresies).  They kept it a secret and gave her the donation at the game, which happended to be the same day as her birthday!!  I wasn't there to see it but  Lindsay was very greatful and surprised.  

This isn't the only act of kindness for this team.  They got together and donated a Christmas tree and decorations to another of our teachers and her family.  Melissa Holman is a new teacher in our building.  Her husband was in an accident and is now in a wheel chair.  They are building a new home (which they get to move into this weekend).  There have been issues with building, as usual, and they haven't been able to get their Christmas decorations out of storage.  They delivered the tree/decorations the night of the teams Christmas party.  

Aren't these girls great?!?!?  More than that, their coach is a fantastic person!!
Happy Quilting

A Gift for Vanessa's Dad

When I lived in Weyburn, Vanessa, Kristy and I use to have a day when we did Christmas crafts.  We haven't been so successful at doing this since I moved to Estevan.  I'm not sure why we don't.  It just seems like one or two of us is always busy.  This year, Vanessa called and we picked a date.  Then Mother Nature decied we shouldn't do the Christmas craft because we got frozen rain over night and 1/4 in of fluffy snow after that.  Vanessa wanted to make a subway sign for her Dad.  Since we weren't able to meet and do it together, she asked me to do it for her.  So I did!!  Here's how it turned out:

Vanessa wanted it to be old looking and represent her Dad.  They have a time share in Montana and love it.  She had found this saying and thought it suited her Dad well.

Happy Saturday morning!  

PS - Why am I up so early?  Aren't we on holidays now?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Oiler's Quilt - Update

How do you like this cold weather?  I figured -42C is a good reason to make another quilt.  It is so cold in our apartment, that I actually need another quilt!!  Good reasoning for starting something new eh??  Here's how I've laid out the top:

I really did just lay out the squares without thinking about it.  I think I'm goign to leave it as it is and sew it together. 

When I told Dallas that this was my "Oiler's" quilt, he's comment was "It's a little small"!  I can't decide if I'm going to put a border on this or not.  Maybe just a 2 or 3 in border.

What do you think?

Stay warm my friend!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Oiler's Quilt

Hey ...

I've been trying not to start something new until I get something finished.  So I finished fixing a shirt for one of the secretaries at school last night!  Now I can start my Oilers quilt!!  I can't decied what to do.  I found some blue and orange scraps from Dallas' Oilers quilt to add to the fat quarters I found.  Here's what I've come up with so far:

Block #1
The grey would become blue, the orange/yellow/pink would be orange and the white wouldn't change.

Block #2
The white would not change, the teal blue would become blue, the green and patterned pieces would be orange.

Block#3 - is actually the entire quilt.  I really really like this one but think I want to do it with a bunch of scraps.  It's from Red Pepper Quilts (I think that's the correct name).  I love her work.  I'm taking this one out of the running!!

I'm kind of leaning towards Block #1.  I'm going to draw out a pattern to see if I have enough material to make a nice couch quilt!  

I'm sick of this cold cold weather already and its only day number 2 of it!!
Thank goodness we have lots of quilts to keep us warm!!
Happy Sewing!

Decision made:  I'm going to use Block #1 and make a 54 in x 54 in quilt.  I'm going to make it one big quilt block instead of making it a bunch of times.  Here's my plan:

I'm excited to start this one!!
Stay warm!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Marilyn Monroe Sign

I was asked to make a couple of signs at the beginning of the school year. I'm the slowest person ever. I've got this one 3/4 done. I just gave to stain it. What do you think?

I hope Tera likes it. I'm worried bc the wood isn't as nice as it usually is! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Babies everywhere

Hi there,
So it seems like nearly everyone on staff (6) is having a baby.  I'm trying to develop my stockpile a bit especially in the boy department so I'm ready when these babies come.  Here are a couple of easy finishes I've had.  Her
A simple animal one from a panel I bought for dirt cheap.

 A farm boy raggie from some scraps.                         

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Late Grad Gift Update

Josh finally got his quilt and he loves it!!!

I'm excited that he likes it. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Costume

  I can now say I've made a tequila costume!!!

This is what the real costume looks like:

What do you think?

Here's how it looked on Meghan:

I also made 4 sponge towel costumes for Kelly, TIFF and another couple!! Take a look:

This is what Kelly's costume looked like the next day:

Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Christmas production is underway!


Reagan asked me to make Christmas tree ornaments for the girls. This is the front:

Here's the back:

Hope you two had a good Thanksgiving weekend!! I missed being there!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

One more quilt!

Why not make another quilt top? I should make one of the other finished quilt tops into an actual quilt but nooooo I can't do that!! Start another one instead!! Here's a peak:

I'm going to finish this top and before I start another, I am going to get a quilt 100% done!! That's what I keep telling myself anyways!!

What have you been up to lately? How's the hand stitching going at school? 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Late Grad Gift

I finished this quilt a while ago!! I made it for one of my favorite people in the world, Josh Pele! He graduated from ECS last June. Josh was on my SRC! He is going to school in Colorado. He texted tonight and it sounds like he's loving school. It's these kind of students that make you keep doing this job!!

I even remembered to put a label on it!!

How's the hand sewing going?

Carrie and Brad's Quilt

I did take a couple of pictures!! Still can't believe I forgot it!!

Here's the finished product:

I love how this quilt turned out!! I'm starting to love straight line quilting!!
Happy Quilting

Carrie and Brad's quilt

Hey there,
I was just wondering if you took any pics of  the finished quilt before you sent it off.  Would love to see the final product.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mom's pics

Hey there,
Just wanted to share a couple of edits from your mom's pic.  Love the old truck in it.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sure, that'll be no problem

 Hey there,
I know it looks like I haven't been up to much but I do have a few things on the go.  I went shopping this morning to get supplies to teach the hand sewing section of PAA to the grade seven's in Helen's class.  I think we'll do a straight stich, a whip stich, and sew on buttons.  We;re going to do the name button art I've pinned (sample pic to come) and maybe a small pillow.
  This comes under the category of sightly crazy but Helen and next term Andy have no idea to hand sew so I'm stockpiling big favours to be cashed in later. What have you been up to?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Procrastination and Taking Inventory


Today was suppose to be a cleaning day here at our place.  I've procrastinated all week.  Every morning when Dallas asks me what I plan on doing for the day, I say "I'm going to clean".  And every evening he comes back and I've done no cleaning!  None at all!  However, I have done a great deal of productive procrastinating!

Today was the same ... I'm going to clean the apartment!!  Well ... I kind of did.  Okay, I vacuumed, I plan on cleaning the bathroom and I may even take out the garbage!!  Dusting and washing the kitchen floor is going to wait until tomorrow!!  I need to clean out our storage room too.  I spilled laundry soap on the floor about 2 months ago.  I did a quick clean up.  Now there's more fuzz stuck to that spot on the floor than comes out of the dryer!!  What I did do today is take inventory of my sewing/crafting space!!  I was amazed at what I found.  

*  I have a whole pile of material that needs to be used up.  

*  I've got 2 rubbermade tubs full of bluejeans taking up very valuable space!!

* 11 finished quilt tops

Top to bottom:  Christmas tree wall hanging, halloween baby quilt, argyle quilt, curved one that I started at your place, Christmas quilt that Mom got me when I was in Taiwan, 6 scrappy squares with everything else white quilt, flannel squares quilt, Hometown quilt (that was going to be the quilt for our bed), Twister Ruler quilt,  light/dark quilt and Barn Dance quilt.

*  2 Christmas stockings

*  Ghosts and pumpkins - I need to attach the pumpkins!!

*  I've also got Snowmen, like the ghost, to finish too!!

*  A stack of squares, already cut, just waiting to be sewn together.  I was going to make another Twist Ruler quilt!!

*  A few practice blocks that I made so long ago that I would have to practice again before I actually do anything with them!!

I think I'm going to make mini pillows out of these blocks or put them into another random blue jean backed quilt.  Have I shown you the blue jean quilt that I made?  

*  Then there's the quilt that Mom bought for herself.  It was a block of the month from Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw.  It's going to be a beautiful quilt, if and when I actually get it done.  Each block takes about 1.5 hours to make.  You have to cut out lots of little pieces - squares into halves and quarters.  It takes forever to make each block.  I think there are 14 blocks that surround the centre piece.  I'm done  8 of the  14 blocks and the centre piece.  The centre piece has a bunch of appliqué on it and it hasn't been stitched down yet.  It's one of those projects that never ends!!

The top bag has the outer board in it.  I think you cut 250 3" squares and then sew them together in a random fashion.  The middle bag has the remnants from the blocks I'm done

These are the last 6 blocks:  

Here's the square I did today:
The colours look better than they do in that picture!!

*  This one needs some binding ... I ran out of white thread so I can't finish this one!!  

I did finish the light and dark quilt top this morning:  

This one was more challenging that I thought it would be.  The sewing part of it was easy to figure out.  It was challenging to determine the difference between light, medium and dark fabrics.  I have lots of mediums in the light spots!  Its still pretty small but I like it!  I don't think I'll put a border on this one.

*  I finished making the blocks for my Ballerina Quilt.  I haven't found a layout that I really like for it yet.  Once I do, there are a dozen 1/2 blocks to make to finish the top.  This one will be easy to sew together.

*  I am still working on the red and white 9 patch quilt.  This one is another one that is never ending .... I'm sure I'll get it done some time, I'm just not sure when!

*  I have a purse/bag that I'm making out of a suit jacket started.  The suit is torn apart, the pattern is made, I'm just nervous about starting ... you know ... that fist cut is the scariest!

I'm sure there are more UFOs, in fact I know there are.  I have a bunch of grain/feed sacks that I either want to make into pillow covers or into a table cloth.   Who am I kidding ... I'll never get it all done!  There's always going to be something else to add to the to-do list!  That's what makes this productive method of procrastinating some much fun and worth doing!!

Here are a few signs that I want to make too: 

This one will go with the "You're the bubbles to my bath"  

I do love numbers!

I just like this one ... lots!!

I think I should make 2 of these ... one for you and one for me!!

I might make this for Carrie.

I kind of just like this one!

This one would be for Cor ....

I want this one 

I like this one ... I kind of thought of Carrie and Brad when I read this one  ....

And my personal favourite:  

Do you remember this one:

Chelsea wants to buy this one from me.  I'm having a hard time letting it go.  I've ordered the material for the back.  Its a bright red flannel or fleece (I can't remember).  I'm not sure I can let it go b/c it took me so long to finish it and I love it!

I better get moving ... the bathroom isn't going to clean itself and I have a hair appointment at 4:30.  My grey hair is taking over and I need a trim!!

Happy Procrastination .... ME