Friday, January 16, 2015

Donation and Farmer's Wife Sampler Block #1

You will be so proud of me!  I finished another quilt and am donating it to the figure skating club.  They are going to raffle it off this weekend at the skating compeition.  

The two girls are two of our very talented skaters.  I really like this one and think I need to make another one.  I didn't do much quilting to it.  I did some stitch in the ditch to quilt it.  

I've started the quilt for our Sr. Girl's Basketball team's Pink tournament.  They raise money for cancer research.  Last year I made them a pink quilt and I figured I might as well do it again this year.  I love this block. I bought a quilt magazine with this pattern in it and have wanted to do it for a while.  This is my sample block.  It's much easier than you think to make!  Each little block is a rectangle and a square.  I'm using some tape as a guide on my sewing machine to sew across the squares - the 1/2 square triangle method.  It makes sewing these much quicker than drawing on them and then sewing.
I have 6 or 7 blocks made so far.

I'm a little disappointed in the material I bought for the Farmer's Wife Sampler.  They looked so bright and vibrant on the website but are dull now that I have them at home.  

These are the pieces to block #1;

Here it is put together:
I need to learn a little more about putting the colours together.  It's kind of hard to pick which colours to use for which because the examples in the book are awful.  Some of the fabric is so patterned and similar, you can't see the different shapes in it.

I pinned and pinned and pinned and was still out.  The outer triangles didn't line up with the yellow squares on the top and bottom.  I did some triming and will have to stretch it a little when I actualy sew the squares all together.  There's no instructions in the book, like sew block 1 to block 2.  I kind of just looked at the picture and figured it out.  I need to read through the book to see if there are more instructions some where.  If not, I'll just keep thinking I know what I'm doing!!

I figured I better blog today because I'm going to be at the rink all weekend.  I'm playing music for the competition on Saturday and Sunday.  

Hope your week was good!  What are your weekend plans?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fell off the finishing train

Okay, I had things I was going to finish this weekend but I got distracted by my new Photoshop
Elements program.  I'm a little slow so I had to watch the tutorials about 30 times for each thing I wanted to do but I did manage to do this.  I took one pic with an unfortunate planter coming out of my mom's head and created a background from another pic and merged the two.

Better, now I notice that weird grey twig, I might have to fix that as well.  First, I will go and sew something.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Next Forever Quilt

I am so excited ... look what arrived:::

I can't wait to get home and get started!!  The only problem I have with this is there are no measurements on the instructions.  Here's the material I'm going to use:  

Can't wait to get started on this!!
Happy Friday