Thursday, January 2, 2014

I've lost it ... Really I have!

Do you remember my Oiler's quilt? Here it is!  All 6 rows.

Today, I went to lay it out and thought I had lost 2 rows.  

I for some reason thought there were 8 rows not 6.  The "missing" 2 rows have sent me on a hunt/cleaning spree.  All I could think is how the hell could I lose 2 full rows?  Well, I haven't lost the two rows, I just didn't lay them out correctly!  Now I'm off to sew them together!!

Here's hoping I can keep it together long enough to get this top done!
GO CANADA GO!! ... I'm slightly distracted by the World Jr game ... WOOT WOOT ... 1 - 0 for Canada!!
Happy Sewing

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