Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hey there,
Wish me strength because today I start quilting with my Grade 4's. Should be all kinds of interesting. Actually, maybe wish me patience, maybe that would be a better start.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Closet Full of Shoes!!!

This is so cute ...

I was cutting this out the other night while we were on the phone. I happened to cut the rows of shoes apart so I had to sew them back together. When I did this, I changed the length and had to revamp the pattern. It wasn't much, just a 1/2 an inch off each square. As I was putting it together, I noticed that the pink flower material was cut wrong but not until I was sewing it all together. So, I started to sew them together only to discover that it wasn't me that cut it wrong. So, I changed the pattern a little ... and it turned out great!!!

Thank you for the great gift ... I love it!!! I hung it up in my classroom tonight when I went to plan for tomorrow!!

Progress on the Dark and Light Quilt

Hey ...

I made some more squares for the dark and light quilt that I started at your place.

I'm not sure how big to make it b/c I'm not going to make a border for this one, I'm just going to bind it. I was thinking about using the red/white poka-dot material but I don't think it will look good. I'm thinking a dark blue or an orange for the binding OR maybe I can find a black/white poka-dot material to use for the binding!!! Dallas kept telling me that it's not centered and was asking me if I was feeling alright!! There are a few lights that are mediums that I might have to change!!! Not sure yet!! I'm going to have to search for some more material.

Happy Sewing

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hello ...

Guess what I finished?!?!?!?

Yep ... you got it ... my ladder!!!


Here it is:

Here's a close up:

One more ...
Another close up:

Last one:
Can't wait to see yours!!!