Sunday, June 27, 2010

Giant RicRac

So on our 24 hour trip to Calgary we stopped at a quilt store for a few minutes. I found some wide ricrac that I have seen in lots of magazines. Now what to do with it?
Secret project sounds interesting. Can't wait to see you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fabric Pig ...

Hi ...
I have found another quilt that I want to make. It is called Spinning Dots and it is on the cover of the new Quilt Magazine(Aug/Sept issue). I searched and found the material too. I am such a fabric pig ... I just want to buy it all and have it so that some day when I get around to making all these quilts that I want I will already have the material and won't have to go searching for it or find out that its not available anymore! The fabric is called Ellie's Emporium by Sue Penn. Check it out ... it can be found about 1/2 way down the page. While I am on the topic of fabric that I love ... Check out Mark Miller's line called Poppy ... love it too ... all of it! I just want to buy it. I have no idea of what I would do with it ... I just WANT IT!!!!

On a quilting note, I have 3/4 of the T-shirt quilt top put together!
I have a secret project started ... I will let you in on the secret when I see you!!!
I am quilting straight lines on my mulit-coloured brown quilt. Okay, the lines maybe not straight but they are the best that I can do!!!!

There are lots of bags in the new Quilt Magazine too ... more projects ... so little time!
Happy Stitching

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The danger of the quilt store

So today we had to go to S'toon to get some stuff for a resource kit I'm making. On the way there of course,we passed the quilt store. I just can't not go in there. So I bought more splendid fabric and now have more projects to work on. I guess I should go down to the craft cave and finish the disappearing nine patch table runner I started last night. We are hosting the staff party and I realized that I must have a table runner for the dining room table. So last night at 10:00 I started one and finished the top. I bought some backing (from the Blush line by Moda) for it today so I better get to work on it.

Have a great day,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Almost done something ...

Hey ....

Binding is giving you troubles eh?? I don't mind doing it b/c I don't do it by hand. I bind using my machine. I have done binding by hand but it takes too too long for me! I need to see more instant results. I think the best part about doing the binding is that when you get to this point, the quilt is almost done!!!

I still haven't stuffed the pillow ... Here is a couple of pictures of it:

Here is the center:

The center has a saying that I hand stitched around it. "Just living is not enough" said the butterfly "one must have sunshine and freedom and a little flower". By Hans Christian Anderson.

Here are a few pictures of Kristy's T-shirt quilt that I am making. I am 2/3 done the top now. This is the first time I tried to lay out all the t-shirts.

Here is what it looks like now that I have added strips to the t-shirts:
I was standing on top of my chair trying to take the above picture so I didn't get all of it in. I have the bottom right hand corner to finish piecing together. My goal is to have this done by the end of June.

I have figured out how I am going to quilt my Yellow Brick Road quilt too. I have figured out how I am going to quilt it. I will post some pictures soon.

That's what I have been up to these days ...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Quilts from 2010

Oralee's Star Quilt- Created by the LorCor Quilting Consortium
My first Log Cabin- made from a jelly roll I bought at the Stoon quilt show.

More to come,


In a bind

(Title suggested by Mr.Her) Have I ever mentioned that I hate binding. I really hate it. I read all these blogs that talk about how people love binding and I think,"are you crazy?" As you can guess today I started putting the binding on your giant quilt. I was procrastinating and two monkey(Cor and Carrie) came and trimmed the edges for me last night so I had no excuse left. It's half done and maybe I will get it done this week.
On a more positive note, I will try and post some pics of completed works from this year. Wish me luck. What have you been up to?


Saturday, June 5, 2010

The very long list

Hi Christa,

My list is way too long. I might need to have a "finishing year."
1. Bind the giant 'Strip Twist' made for your bed.
2. Back,quilt, and bind the "Scruffily Quilt".(from p.s.iquilt)
3. Back,quilt, and bind the "Strip Denim" quilt for a wedding in August.

Then there's the create list(the reason I bought all this fabric):
1. The Lawrence cabin quilt (disappearing nine-patch I think)
2. Aubrey's quilt in this awesome Canada fabric
3. And who knows- maybe something for my own bed?

O.K. that's the short list. Without going down to the craft cave to check out all the W.I.P.'s that I've forgotten about..


Two Sick Days

Hi ...

I stayed home from work on Wed and Thur this week. I slept all day on Wed and tried to sleep on Thursday however the people in my apartment building were a wee bit loud. Instead of sleeping I thought I would work on my to do list. I worked on the pillow that Mom gave me for my b-day. I have it 95% done. All I have left to do is stuff it or find a pillow to go inside. I will take some pictures and add them to the blog asap!

Can't wait to see your list

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where is the sun shine?

Hi Laurie ...

Here is my to do list:
  1. Kristy's T-Shirt quilt
  2. Brown/Blue/Green/Red - brick road - needs to be quilted. I can't decide what kind of pattern to quilt on this one, that's why I haven't finished it yet.
  3. Cirlce one that I started last summer. I can't find material for the back of this quilt. I have the top done just need to find a back.
  4. Happy Go Lucky - This is the one from Crazy Mom Quilts Blog - I loved hers so I made my own version.
  5. Strip Maze - I bought this kit at our quilt show. This is a really easy strip piecing quilt to do. I got it from Prairie Chicks Quilting, Scrapbooking & Country Gifts. I bought the lap size but wanted the twin so Michael picked up a second kit for me. These ladies are great!
  6. Bento Box - I bought a couple of jelly rolls and saw this pattern on Crazy Mom Quilts Blog. I got out some graph paper and made myself a pattern. I am strip piecing this one together. I am almost half done the top of this one.
  7. Flower pillow - Mom bought me this for my birthday. It's so cute! She picked it up for me at our quilt show. She got it from the Quilt Patch. I have it all cut out and just need to finish hand sewing the little message before I put it all together.
  8. Wall hanging for Grandma L - She really liked this wall hanging so I told her to buy the pattern and I would make it for her. She picked it up at our quilt show and got it from the Quilt Patch too. At this same time my Mom bought a welcome sign. I got to make that too. She said that is was a good deal for her ... she buys the pattern, I make it!
  9. I bought a triangle ruler and I want to use it to make a quilt with too. It is awesome to work with. I have played around with it and it makes perfect squares!
I think that might be all the projects that I have on the go. I am ready for summer holidays so I can get these done!!!

Happy quilting ...