Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Gift for Vanessa's Dad

When I lived in Weyburn, Vanessa, Kristy and I use to have a day when we did Christmas crafts.  We haven't been so successful at doing this since I moved to Estevan.  I'm not sure why we don't.  It just seems like one or two of us is always busy.  This year, Vanessa called and we picked a date.  Then Mother Nature decied we shouldn't do the Christmas craft because we got frozen rain over night and 1/4 in of fluffy snow after that.  Vanessa wanted to make a subway sign for her Dad.  Since we weren't able to meet and do it together, she asked me to do it for her.  So I did!!  Here's how it turned out:

Vanessa wanted it to be old looking and represent her Dad.  They have a time share in Montana and love it.  She had found this saying and thought it suited her Dad well.

Happy Saturday morning!  

PS - Why am I up so early?  Aren't we on holidays now?


  1. Very nice. I have to admit I've never heard of a time share in Montana (is it at a ski resort?).

  2. You must be up early because you have the same disease my husband has. I don't have the same problem.