Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arm Knitting

I've seen so many big chunky scarves that were made by arm knitting.  I've pinned a few examples and how to's but haven't tried it until today.  Thanks to Julie sending me this:

Her ... it's you ... in Julie's Edmonton Oilers inspired arm knitted scarf, which is fantastic!!  Juile used a you tube instruction video.  The tutorial is called "Arm knit an Infinity Scarf in 30 minutes - The Original Tutorial - With Simply Maggie".  It took me a bit to cast onto my arm ... actually I took a break and phoned you because I was frustrated.  I watched a few more instructional videos and couldn't follow them either.  So I went back to the tutorial that Julie sent me and played it over and over and over until I figured it out.  
Once started, I discovered that it is really simple and works up quickly!! Next time I would use chunky yarn.  I used what I had in my yarn stash.  I should only have a material stash but I'm beginning to collect yarn too!

Here's the finished product:

I love it!  I'm going to give it away as one of the pay it forward gifts.  I signed up for the pay it forward thing in January and have a few more gifts to send out!  

Here's the other cowl scarf I made to give away:

I refuse to take a full picture of myself because I haven't brushed my hair yet today and its standing up every where!!
Stay Warm

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  1. See, I told you that you could do the arm knitting. Love the colours you picked out. You will have a lucky pay it forward partner in January. We went for brunch today with the Mr. Her in laws and they gave me a strange look when I said it's only -28 (they've become soft living in B.C.). Keep up the productivity.