Saturday, December 21, 2013

I gave a quilt away!!

Take a look at this:

This is ECS's Sr. Girls Basketball team in thier pink jereseies. (Is that how you spell that?)  Jessie Smoliak is the coach of the team.  She's the shorter one in the white t-shirt!  I think this is the 3rd year that they have had a "Pink Tournament".  Each year they raise money for breast cancer research.  They have a bake sale for a couple of days prior to the tournament and at the tournament.  There is a silent auction and they sell "Shoot for a Cure" t-shirts.  All the money raised at the tournament is donated.  This year, I made them a quilt to raffle off!!  I used the breast cancer material.  A Mom of a girl on the team won the quilt and she loves it!  I'm thinking, I might have to make this an annual thing I do!  This year, the team donated some money to Lindsay Collins (a teacher on our staff who is battling breast cancer).  They presented her with a cheque at their pink game (the game when they wear their pink jeresies).  They kept it a secret and gave her the donation at the game, which happended to be the same day as her birthday!!  I wasn't there to see it but  Lindsay was very greatful and surprised.  

This isn't the only act of kindness for this team.  They got together and donated a Christmas tree and decorations to another of our teachers and her family.  Melissa Holman is a new teacher in our building.  Her husband was in an accident and is now in a wheel chair.  They are building a new home (which they get to move into this weekend).  There have been issues with building, as usual, and they haven't been able to get their Christmas decorations out of storage.  They delivered the tree/decorations the night of the teams Christmas party.  

Aren't these girls great?!?!?  More than that, their coach is a fantastic person!!
Happy Quilting

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  1. The quilt looks fantastic. The girls sound pretty fantastic as well, Mr. Her would say it's because they are basketball players and thus superior to other student athletes. Good job on the give away. See you can do it.