Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wedding Quilt for Helen

Hey there,

So here's a couple of pics from Helen's wedding quilt.  I used the tube method from Quiltville which was pretty simple. It should keep her warm at the hockey rink when she's watching her three boys.

Summer time ...

Hello ...

Its a good thing you have been busy posting on the blog this summer or our 2 followers might have disappeared!!  It has been a busy and productive summer here!!!  Here's what I did:

Subway Art - Rules for Couples - I made one of these for Tim and Cor's wedding gift to go along with the quilt.  Since then, I have sold another! YEAH!!

Now I just have  to get your's, Chelsea's and the Christmas present done!!!

Mr. ME and I took a trip to Kansas City, MO.  We were there during the MLB All Star week.  It was a great trip and there was lots to see.  We loved that all the water in the fountains was coloured blue!!

While we were down there, I discovered a Mini Cooper accessory that I will need when I get one!!

Isn't that great?!?!?  I sure hope that I can get a large roof rack to haul doors and barnwood on!!

I took a course called the Art of Facilitation.  It was pretty good!!  I stayed with Reagan, Michael and the girls!  I stuck around to help Reagan celebrate her birthday!!! 

I came back from there in time to finish up Kelly and Tiffany's wedding quilts.  They turned out fantastic!  I did 3 lines of wavy quilting at different spots in a variety of whites and greys.  I also did a few lines of waves in red at the top and the bottom!!

The week after their wedding, I just hung around, did some sewing, developed my new logo, enjoyed my spa trio gift from Mr. ME and read lots!!!  What do you think??
I used a tutorial from Pinterest to print it on fabric.  Mr. ME came up with a different one when I make something that we are going to keep:  Made for us By ME Christa Kurtz.

You and Mr. Her came for a visit and a quick trip to Minot!!
Mr. Her is such a good sport!!
I modge podged a lamp shade with pages from New Moon.  When I was moving into the apartment, I managed to rip the lampshade off this lamp.  I couldn't figure out how to get it back on until I read about this on Pinterest.  It is an easy process!

Before ... I taped the lamp shade to the lamp!
Cut up pages of New Moon!  I purchased another copy from Value Village!!

Just getting started!!
First layer done!!

First layer

Second layer

Third layer

Fourth and final layer!!

 I finished a pair of slippers.  I have the Grandma gene ... they aren't the same size! I counted and counted and counted but they aren't the same!  They do look cute!!  I'm almost ready to start pair number 2.  I am doing a practice dish cloth to remind myself of the stitches!!

This was pointed out to me by a fellow teacher:  A purse made out of a suit jacket!  I love it and of course thought ... I can make that!!
So I visited Value Village and spent $7.00 on this suit.  I have ripped it apart and the pattern drawn out.  I'm going to get brave soon and start to cut it out!!  I'll post pictures as I go!!  I even saved the blue material to put on the inside of the purse!!

This is one of the turtle squares from the quilt that got ate by the washer!  Wasn't it cute!
 Mr. ME's cousin just adopted a little girl from Taiwan.  So I made her a jersey.  I bought a little shirt from Wal-Mart and added some cute pink accents!!  I think it turned out pretty cute!
 I still have the lumber riding around in my truck!!  I added more to it this morning when I ran to Carnduff to harvest barn wood!!!  Speaking of barn wood.  Mom and I made a headboard for us.  It's too tall for our bed and room.  I haven't cut it down yet.  When I do, I will take an updated photo!

I made a quilt out of all my leftover squares and pieces.  I quilted it using wavy lines and backed it with bluejeans.  I love it!!  Mr. ME can't believe I created something without flow or reason!  I was channeling you for sure!!  Mr. ME had a great idea while I was putting this one together.  When I laid the blue jean back down, we sprayed all the seam line with 505 spray so they would lay flat.  It was a great plan, one that I will use again!!


This is the first item that I put my label on!  I love it!!  It's going to be a great camping quilt!!

I used the Can Can skirt pattern to make my nieces new skirts for school!  They wanted them to be the same but different colours!  The material that we picked up in Minot worked perfect!!  I added my label to these too!
Frankie, Raivyn and Charlie's skirts!!

I made picture frames out of a couple of old windows.  I haven't got the backs put in yet but I do have them hung on the wall with some cute pictures in it.  There are 6 slots ... good thing we have 6 nieces/nephews!! When I get mats and backs for this I will add a picture!!

I brought back a piece of barn wood to make into a picture frame.  But not a square picture frame.  I'm just going to pin the pictures to the board.  I got the idea from pinterest!  I am going to put black/white wedding pictures on it with one coloured picture in the middle!

I saw this on Pinterest and really liked the saying so I thought I could make myself one!  Well ... the first go didn't work so well!  I've been reading too many blogs on how to paint.  Instead of trying one method, I did 4!  Big big big mistake.  It looks like crap!  Just bad ... awful!  I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I made it.  I should have my crafting license taken away!!
I tried to make myself like it.  I put it on the wall.  Stepped back and still didn't like it.  I took a picture thinking that it would help ... nope!  Not at all!!  So I took it down, painted over it with white.  I have since then repainted the words and am waiting for it to dry before I sand it.  This time I'm only going to sand a little off.  I'll take a picture of the next attempt!!

Well, I think that takes care of summer!  This is the longest post I have ever done!!
Enjoy the long weekend.