Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finished Some More!!!


Completed:  ONE WALL HANGING!!!

Isn't it cute!!

 Completed:  6 POINT STAR!!  (that actually lines up in the center!  YEAH ME!!!)

No sewing tonight ... Foam Dance supervision instead!!  Exciting times here!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Present to ME!!

Hey there ....

It was great to see you last weekend!!  I'm excited to show you what I have made with my new purchases!!!

I love this material ... so much that I'm thinking about buying some more!!

 Take a peak at what I've been up to!!

 I finally have enough squares done to make the top of this one.  I think I am going to take the top row and move it to the bottom just to finish the pattern off a little more.
I know what I'm going to be up to this weekend ... writing finals!!!
Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Ruler


I'm rewarding myself on a daily basis for surviving a day of teaching! I might need to get a summer job because of this!!!

Yesterday, I stopped by Tiger Lily Quilts and picked up the 60 degree Diamond Ruler!

 This is what I made with my new ruler!!!
 I looked at a variety of tutorials on "Y" seams.  There is only 1 way to do it but there are a 100 different explanations.  Most tutorials said the best way to do a y seam was to sew by hand.  Not going to happen here.  I need more instant gratification and need to see that I have actually accomplished something.  The 6-point star looks pretty good, until you take a closer look at the center.
 I think I know why the center has one piece off.  When I put this together, I started at 8 o'clock and sewed counter clockwise.  I should have split the star into 2 halves and then sewed them together.  The white squares aren't too difficult to add in as long as you mark the 1/4 in seams.

I can't wait to try this again tonight!!!  I have a bunch of strips that are a variety of sizes that I am going to use for practice.  These squares will be added to the "practice square pile" and some day will be sewing together to make the practice square f-ugly car quilt.  I have a few squares that haven't turned out at all.  OR ... if they turn out pretty good, then I may make a random 6-point star quilt with all the blocks being different sizes.  Then I could piece it together just like a puzzle!!!  This could be interesting!!

How are the boobs coming along?

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hello ...

I fixed my mistake this morning before I went to school!!!  Here's the fixed wall hanging:

I need to add a larger border around the outside but I can't decide what colour or material to use!!!  I'm going to head to Tiger Lily Quilts after school to see what I can find!!

See you Saturday!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Too late ...

Hello ...

Can you spot my mistake??  The mittens on mine aren't suppose to be the same way ... I changed that!!!

This one is from the pattern!                                             This is the one that I made!!!

This is why I shouldn't sew this late at night!!!  I will be taking it apart tomorrow to fix, even though it doesn't look that bad!!!

Nighty Night!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Purse Project

Hey there,
So what does this look like?  Part of you is thinking, "it looks like a breast, no that must be wrong." Nope, you're correct.  It 's part of a purse a staff member asked me to make for her team for the Pink Warrior golf tournament this summer.  She actually asked me to make her a set for her team of four but I told her I'd make a prototype to show her first.  It's a lot larger than it looks in the picture on the internet. So we'll see on Tuesday if she still wants me to make her a set.  What do you think? Could this be the new style for the summer?


Snowmen in May!!!

Howdy ...

Which layout do you like? 

I can't decide.  I'm leaning towards the upside down one!!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Name" Quilt Idea


Here's another quilt idea ...

I would put this in the middle and then do a rail fence around it or a nine patch.  Maybe some stripes  or just a few borders.

What do you think??
I need to get off the computer and get sewing!!! 

I love numbers!!!!

Hey ....

I saw this on Sweetwater's blog and fell in love with it. 

My brain got thinking and here's a couple of layouts I've come up with for a baby quilt.  Check them out!!!

We are off to meet Gary and Darlene for some golf in Alameda.  After that, we are going to see all the nieces and nephews at Garitt/Jennifer's campsite!!!  Should be a good afternoon!!!

Happy Sewing

Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally finishing a few projects!!!

Hey there ...

I've done lots of thinking over the past week and while I have been thinking I have finished a few things.

1.  Grandma's Wall hanging - She bought the pattern and I was to make it!!!

2. This is a pattern I bought a while ago.  Finally finished!!! 

3.  I saw a picture of a circle like Christmas tree like the one below.  It was introducing a new fabric line.  I loved it and thought .... I could make something like that!!  Vanessa, Kristy and I all made our own versions.  Vanessa and Kristy actually got theirs done ... I just finished mine tonight!!!  I may make a few more of these too.  I don't think I will cut them out, might just leave them square!

These are the next few projects that I would like to finish:

 I can't remember when I started the following three stitcheries and now I know why I haven't finished them.  I need to order the buttons!!!

 I also stumbled upon these books!  The stitcheries are all from these books.  There are a number of projects I would like to make out of each of these. 

This book has so many cute snowman things.  I have the snowman stitchery from above to complete and then I want to make the snowman/tree garland, the snowman table runner and the snowman place mats.  I am kind of partial to snowmen!!!

 I have made a few things out of the Autumn book already.  I made the Ghost & Jack-o-lantern Garland, which still needs to be finished.  I would have finished tonight but I can't find my glue gun.  I need to glue the Jack-o-lanterns to the ghosts.  I was going to sew them on by hand until I read the instructions and it said to glue them on!!!  Now if I could only find my glue gun!!!

I love this book too!!!  I want to make the Santa/reindeer table runner, reindeer place mats, maybe a Santa pillow!

This book is great too!!!  Much more Santa stuff to make in this one!!!  Santa garland, place mats and reindeer pillows!!!  There's the cutest tree skirt in this one too!!!

Like always ... so much to sew, so little time to sew!!!  What have you been up to lately???  Tomorrow, if it's raining, I'm going to finish the panel that you gave me with the "I believe" statements on it!!  I'm going to have to dig through my bins to see what else I need to get finished!!!  If its not raining, we are going golfing and then out to Alameda for Wyatt's birthday party!!!

Take care ... happy sewing!

Monday, May 14, 2012

T-Shirt Scarf

Hey ...

Look what I made tonight:

 I'm going to make a few more!!  I could add bead and a little bling to them too!!! 


PS ... I need to practice taking pictures in the mirror!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012