Monday, November 26, 2012

One Done ... 12 to go!!

Hi!! I just added the blogger app to my iPhone. I hope this will be a faster method for me to blog with bc all my pictures are on my phone these days.

I took today off just because! I have spent most of the assembling stockings!! I have all the fronts done and all the backs done. Next step is to sew them together, add some batting, make the lining and then sew them together!! I figure I will do one a least a day from here on in until I'm done!!
Happy Monday

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Quilt for ME!

Hey you ...

I have finally found a quilt top for my bedroom that Mr. ME might like ... Barn Dance by V and Co.  I love this and have bought the pattern!!  I'm going to decide on colours this weekend and finish 6 kids stockings before I start this one!!!

It looks better on her blog!!

How's Mere's pillow shames coming along??

Happy Monday

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finding some motivation

Okay I actually have accomplished something today after being in a bit of stall.  It's not a lot but I made one of the pillow shams for Mere's quilt.  Not difficult to do but have now lost motivation to make the second one.  Maybe a coffee will motivate me.
  What have you been up to?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recap attempt

List 2012

So here's the start of this list.
Things to finish:
1. The strings- maybe about 8 blocks to go, then border...Main part is done, needs a border
2. Lesbian love- needs binding-by summer-still needs to be done
3. Madilyn's quilt- the one I started at your place- by September-still needs to be done
4. Granny Square baby quilt-I don't know what I meant by this.  I think I meant modern log cabin

1. Three Baby boy quilts- in expectation of my god-siblings all expecting in July-Done and gifted
2. Tenille's Wedding quilt- have no idea what to do? for July-Twister Ruler-done

Things I Want to Make: - Okay I haven't done any of these.
1. Irish Chain:
2. Something with my 1930's fabric
3. Meandering Path:
4. Strawberry Marmalade: I think this could use up some scraps.