Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Oiler's Quilt

Hey ...

I've been trying not to start something new until I get something finished.  So I finished fixing a shirt for one of the secretaries at school last night!  Now I can start my Oilers quilt!!  I can't decied what to do.  I found some blue and orange scraps from Dallas' Oilers quilt to add to the fat quarters I found.  Here's what I've come up with so far:

Block #1
The grey would become blue, the orange/yellow/pink would be orange and the white wouldn't change.

Block #2
The white would not change, the teal blue would become blue, the green and patterned pieces would be orange.

Block#3 - is actually the entire quilt.  I really really like this one but think I want to do it with a bunch of scraps.  It's from Red Pepper Quilts (I think that's the correct name).  I love her work.  I'm taking this one out of the running!!

I'm kind of leaning towards Block #1.  I'm going to draw out a pattern to see if I have enough material to make a nice couch quilt!  

I'm sick of this cold cold weather already and its only day number 2 of it!!
Thank goodness we have lots of quilts to keep us warm!!
Happy Sewing!

Decision made:  I'm going to use Block #1 and make a 54 in x 54 in quilt.  I'm going to make it one big quilt block instead of making it a bunch of times.  Here's my plan:

I'm excited to start this one!!
Stay warm!

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