Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cor's Wedding Quilt

Hey ...

I have the top done!!! Check it out:

Oh ... you can see my knees ... ooops!! The camera really distorts the colour on this quilt. I have the back figured out too!! I am going to do strips across the back horizontally. There will be one strip of the busy horses, then an orange strip, then a navy blue strip, then a yellow strip and then the plane horses. I will fill in the rest of the back with navy blue and bind it in the blue material that you sent down. It's a busy quilt and very bright!

I have no idea how to quilt it! Any ideas???
Happy Sewing ...


  1. It looks great! You're right, it's busy, but still very Cor. Tim will like it because it has horses on it. If we owned a long arm I would quilt something in each snowball block but.... I think it might be two or more different types of quilting needed. (Something different in the front panel- or leave the panel mostly alone ). We could meaner all around the panel and then just stitch in the ditch around the panel and borders? It looks great. It's a good thing you have some motivation going on.

  2. I think we should make the panel look like squares. I have the prefect variegated thread for quilting the navy/horse material. I will have to pick up some yellow thread to quilt on the yellow. It's going to be great!!

  3. Busy and colorful... Perfect for Cor!! I have been working on a quilt too this past week. Can't wait to show it off since I have never made one before. I was looking through a magazine and saw a quilt with cowboy boots on it and thought of Cor and a possibility of a wedding quilt but you obviously are way ahead of the game!