Monday, January 2, 2012

Checking the "TO-DO" List!!!

I haven't up-dated my to-do list since May of 2011!! Let's see what I have accomplished!!
  1. DONE - Kristy's T-Shirt quilt
  2. DONE and is on my bed!!!Brown/Blue/Green/Red - Brick Road
  3. Cirlce one that I started last summer. I can't find material for the back of this quilt. I have the top done just need to find a back. Still searching for material to back this one with!!!
  4. Happy Go Lucky - This is the one from Crazy Mom Quilts Blog - I loved hers so I made my own version. This one is ready to be quilted!! I have bright material to go on the back of it!!! I want to quilt this one using circles, like she did, just not brave enough to do it yet!!!
  5. DONE!!! I use this one on the couch!!! Strip Maze
  6. DONE!!! - I gave this away as a wedding gift!!! It was hard to part with it b/c I loved it once I got it finished. Bento Box
  7. DONE!!! Flower pillow
  8. Wall hanging for Grandma L - She really liked this wall hanging so I told her to buy the pattern and I would make it for her. She picked it up at our quilt show and got it from the Quilt Patch too. At this same time my Mom bought a welcome sign. I got to make that too. She said that is was a good deal for her ... she buys the pattern, I make it! - I need to get on this asap!!!
  9. DONE!!! Triangle ruler - I have used this one three times now!! The quilts are endless with it!!
This list isn't that impressive. I have done so much more than is on the list.

  • 3 skirts for my nieces
  • a quilt for Jack
  • a quilt for Richard
  • Finished the top of the quilt along Mom/Dad got me for Christmas when I was in Taiwan. Just need to get it quilted.
  • Finished the top and back of the quilt for our bed. I am going to call about getting it quilted sometime this week.
  • 2 sprocket pillows
  • Christmas tree wall-hanging shower gift.
  • quilt art wall-hanging
  • Sweet water quilt - striped one - need to quilt this one too

Looks like my to-do list will include a lot of quilting!!! There might be more but that's all I can remember.

I'm off to the sewing room to make my new to-do list!!!


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