Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals - Updated: Jan 29th

Hi!! I have a long list of things that I would like to make. I tried to categorize all the projects as already started, gifts and want to make!!! I will make my "Goal List" once I get all these lists done!! Here are my lists:

The already started, just need to be finished list:
  • Frosted Flakes - Top is done, need material for the back, to quilt it and bind it!

  • DONE!!! Table cloth - just need to bind it!

  • Checkered Past - red and white quilt

  • Happy Go Lucky - a Crazy Mom Quilts quilt - I want to quilt this one like she did, with little circles. Just need to practice a little and then get to it!

  • DONE!!! Light house by Sweetwater - top is done, just need to decide on backing!

  • Christmas Tree (circles) wall-hanging

  • How Lovely Are Thy Branches - wall hanging - paper piecing is going to kill me with this one!

Gift List:
  • Cor's wedding quilt - The top is done and the back is about 75% done! Need a little more material to finish it off!!

  • Stars Around the Garden - this one is going to take a lot of patients to finish!!

  • Prairie Corner wall-hanging for Grandma Anne
  • I am making my whole family Christmas stocking for next Christmas.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany's - one for Tiffany and one for Kelly - I have the material for these two now!!

Haven't started but would like to make list:

  • Twister - your new ruler

  • Intersection by Sweetwater

  • Down home tote by Sweetwater

  • Evening Empire Dress by Anna Maria

  • Socialite Dress by Anna Maria

  • Waste Knot - this is going to be my scrappy quilt of the year!! I did a practice block a while ago. It will be an easy quilt to make!
  • Mosaic - I want to do this is bright colours and white
  • I would like to make this Shirred/Stretchy Scarf.

  • I would like to do something with Sweetwater's fabric line: Reunion!!

  • I just saw this on Sweetwater's blog... I love the chair and the pillow with the circles!!! I am sure I could make that pillow and I would love to have a chair like that!

Sometime in the future list:

  • Granny Squares - I think I could treat this as a quilt-a-long and complete one square a month!! This one will take a lot of work!! I do love it!
  • Boxed in ... I just like this wall-hanging!
  • Pieced Border Quilt - I do like this one and think we could make it in a weekend!! - I moved this one b/c I do like it and think it could be a future choice!! And because I added two more to the want to make list!!

How do you like all the backwards quilt patterns?!?!? I am going to start with the to finish and gifts list! I'm sure that I will add to the want to make list!!

Can't wait to see your list!



  1. Wow!
    I don't know if I can even make my list look as snazzy as yours.
    I thought you were going to give the Stars around the Garden to you mom to finish.
    Love the red and white choice.
    Finish that table cloth already. If you just have to bind it you could do it and have an easy cross of the list.
    Love the granny Square. I saw it at the quilt show and it looked fabulous. A block of the month would probably be a good idea.
    My list is coming soon.

  2. I am going to give the Stars around the Garden to Mom in pieces so that she can put it together. It's just going to take some work to get them done. Each square takes about an hour or so to do b/c there are so much sewing then cutting then sewing again.

    The red and white one is the same or very close to the Irish Chain that you want to do.

    I am going to edit my list to make it manageable!!