Saturday, June 5, 2010

The very long list

Hi Christa,

My list is way too long. I might need to have a "finishing year."
1. Bind the giant 'Strip Twist' made for your bed.
2. Back,quilt, and bind the "Scruffily Quilt".(from p.s.iquilt)
3. Back,quilt, and bind the "Strip Denim" quilt for a wedding in August.

Then there's the create list(the reason I bought all this fabric):
1. The Lawrence cabin quilt (disappearing nine-patch I think)
2. Aubrey's quilt in this awesome Canada fabric
3. And who knows- maybe something for my own bed?

O.K. that's the short list. Without going down to the craft cave to check out all the W.I.P.'s that I've forgotten about..


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