Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The roll continues!!

I'm still going!!

I'm also getting creative with wine.  Here's my first attempt at wine-pops!!  Let me tell you, they are great!!

So ... he wants proof that I can make a couch size quilt does he ... well here it is:
See much, much smaller than the other ones!!

I quilted lazy daisies in the red!  Not too bad for my first time!

Straight lines for the orange.

Circles for the blue - this one took a large amount of thread!!

Wavy lines for the light blue.  I tried clouds and rain drops but it looked terrible so I removed it.

Another little flower in the white.

I tried to do some kind of grass like thing in the green.  It kind of looks like sloppy sea-weed.  The green thread that I used sucks and kept breaking.  I'm gong to get some new green and finish quilting it later.

I'm thinking of binding it with black but I'm not 100% sure.

How's things going in your part of the world??

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