Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another Top Done!!

I love this pattern (Nothern Lights by Jaybird Quilts).  I think it's going to become my go-to pattern when I need something done quickly!!

I am going to quilt each row with its own colour.  I'm going to try strips, circles, swirly patterns, etc.  Each colour will get it's own pattern.  It should be pretty easy to do because it's small!!  An actual couch quilt!!  Amazing ... I know!!  Who knew I could actually make a couch size quilt!!!
Happy Sewing

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  1. Wow! You're just a bloggin-sewing machine this month. I can't wait to see what kind of quilting you attempt on this one. It will be so much easier to experiment on an actual couch size quilt. Keep up the productivity. I will attempt to finish up some things this week so I can join the productivity train.