Sunday, July 20, 2014

ME's To-Do List - Update

It's time for my yearly check to see if I have actually accomplished something.  By accompishing, I mean actually finishing something.  I went back in the blog and looked for other to-do lists that I have made.  There were two - one from 2012 and the other from last summer! Let's take a look at what I've been up to!!

2012 Goals - Check in

The already started, just need to be finished list: (and probably haven't changed much yet)
  •  Frosted Flakes - Top is done, need material for the back, to quilt it and bind it!  I haven't looked at this one yet!  Maybe a Christmas/winter finish??
  • I have made a few more squares for this one.  I need to dedicate a weekend to making this one and get it done!  Checkered Past - red and white quilt  I haven't looked at this one in a long while!  Maybe I'll bring this to your place this summer and get it done.

  • This is the paper piecing one I was talking about in my last post.  See how wonderful it is!!  My goal is to finish this on this week!!  How Lovely Are Thy Branches - wall hanging - paper piecing is going to kill me with this one!  The top is done.  I need to find a back for it, quilt it, put the binding on it and sew on the buttons ... wonder where the buttons are ... not sure I bought them yet!!

  • I've got to get my butt in gear to get this one done for Christmas!  I just have the outer borders to put together!  I'm still planning on giving this to Mom in pieces and letting her put it all together!  Stars Around the Garden - this one is going to take a lot of patients to finish!!
I finished what I needed to for this one.  Mom decided that she could would like to finish this one.  I made all 14 blocks, cut all the other material into its required widths, packaged it up and sent her a text (at 1:08 am the other day) that said "Your quilt is ready for pick up".  

When she got here, yesterday, to pick it up, she said I thought it would be more done than this!!  I left her with all the appliquing too!! I gave her instructions, she wrote them down.  We numbered things so she knows what order to do things in.  Then I sent her home.  She sent a message last night that said where can I buy a new sewing machine.  I think she's going to get the same one that we have.

  • Material is bought and cut out!  I have one 3/4 made!  13 to make for Christmas ... I better get moving!  I am making my whole family Christmas stocking for next Christmas.  I did get the stockings done on time ... well ... I haven't finished ours yet!!

Haven't started but would like to make list:
  • I have a top done!  Chelsea wants to buy this one from me!  Not sure if I can let it go.  I really like it!! Twister - your new ruler  No change ... Chelsea bought a different one!!

  • Intersection by Sweetwater - No change ... I look at the pattern and think ... I like it and would like to make it!  No change!  I think I have some scraps that I can use for this now!!

  • No change - Mosaic - I want to do this is bright colours and white - I think this one would be fun in bright blues and white or a bright pink and white!!  I love this quilt and still want to do this!!

Here's the 2013 list - Procrastination and Taking Inventory  

*  I have a whole pile of material that needs to be used up.  I can't remember what this is!!  I did ship off an entire rubbermaid tub of scraps to you.  Does that count??

*  I've got 2 rubbermade tubs full of bluejeans taking up very valuable space!!  Mr. ME has cut all the jeans up for me.  Now I just need to do something with them.

* 11 finished quilt tops  I think I have finished one of these ... maybe two!!

Top to bottom:  Christmas tree wall hanging, halloween baby quilt, argyle quilt, curved one that I started at your place, Christmas quilt that Mom got me when I was in Taiwan, 6 scrappy squares with everything else white quilt, flannel squares quilt, Hometown quilt (that was going to be the quilt for our bed), Twister Ruler quilt,  light/dark quilt and Barn Dance quilt.

*  2 Christmas stockings  Still not done ... maybe I'll get them done for this Christmas!!

*  Ghosts and pumpkins - I need to attach the pumpkins!!  I think this is done!

*  I've also got Snowmen, like the ghost, to finish too!!

*  A stack of squares, already cut, just waiting to be sewn together.  I was going to make another Twist Ruler quilt!!  I'm still collecting material for this one, for some reason.  

*  A few practice blocks that I made so long ago that I would have to practice again before I actually do anything with them!!  I've added to the practice blocks.  I'm thinking of sending them to a quilting blog that's making quilts for kids or donating them to something.

I think I'm going to make mini pillows out of these blocks or put them into another random blue jean backed quilt.  Have I shown you the blue jean quilt that I made?  

*  Then there's the quilt that Mom bought for herself.  It was a block of the month from Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw.  It's going to be a beautiful quilt, if and when I actually get it done.  Each block takes about 1.5 hours to make.  You have to cut out lots of little pieces - squares into halves and quarters.  It takes forever to make each block.  I think there are 14 blocks that surround the centre piece.  I'm done  8 of the  14 blocks and the centre piece.  The centre piece has a bunch of appliqué on it and it hasn't been stitched down yet.  It's one of those projects that never ends!! This one really took a long time.  So glad it's out of my hands now!!!   

The top bag has the outer board in it.  I think you cut 250 3" squares and then sew them together in a random fashion.  The middle bag has the remnants from the blocks I'm done

These are the last 6 blocks:  

Here's the square I did today:
The colours look better than they do in that picture!!

*  This one needs some binding ... I ran out of white thread so I can't finish this one!!  Still need to bind this one!

I did finish the light and dark quilt top this morning:  It's in the same state ... needs backing, to be quilted and binding done!

This one was more challenging that I thought it would be.  The sewing part of it was easy to figure out.  It was challenging to determine the difference between light, medium and dark fabrics.  I have lots of mediums in the light spots!  Its still pretty small but I like it!  I don't think I'll put a border on this one.

*  I finished making the blocks for my Ballerina Quilt.  I haven't found a layout that I really like for it yet.  Once I do, there are a dozen 1/2 blocks to make to finish the top.  This one will be easy to sew together.  I have a few more rows to sew together to finish the top for this one.

*  I am still working on the red and white 9 patch quilt.  This one is another one that is never ending .... I'm sure I'll get it done some time, I'm just not sure when!  This one has been worked on for a long time!!  I have to finish it this summer!!

Do you remember this one:

This was one of the quilt tops in the pile above.  Well ... it's done and gone to a new home.
Chelsea loves it!!  I loved it and still do ... please remind me not to be sad that I sold it!!

Here are a few new ones:

* Northern Lights - Binding ... what colour???  Help!!!!

* Triangle quilt - I have a bright blue for the back!!  
When I showed this to Mom, she asked me who it was for.  I said me.  She rolled her eyes! What's with that!!  Maybe someday I will give it a way or sell it or even finish it!!!

* I finished this top the other night.  It's a Jaybird Quilts pattern.  I don't actually have the pattern, I have the ruler that she uses to make the quilt.  JayBird's version of the quilt is scrappy!!  I can't remember the name.  I used Basic Grey - Grunge material.  I have a slight obsession with this material.  I did no planning or thinking while I made this.  I just sewed the blocks together then the rows.  NO PLANNING!!!
I'm excited to start quilting this one but I don't know what to put on the back.  Need to do some thinking on this one!!!

* These are my next project.  I want to get this done before Dallas and I go on holidays.

There's more .... I found the Ballerina quilt!! I'm in the process of sewing the rows together. I have to get this done if I'm going to be able to quilt it while I'm at your place!!! 

Well ... I have actually finished a few items and still have many more to do!!  Can't wait to see your list!
Happy Sewing!

PS.  Sorry I deleted your post!!

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  1. I really need to make myself a list. I checked and I haven't made one since 2012, it's probably time. I love that your mom thinks she needs a new machine. I'll try and remind you to be happy that you sold a quilt to Chelsea. I think you might need to prioritize your list so you can cut some more of the list. I'd start with stuff that needs binding so you can have more finishes and stay motivated(although you certainly seem motivated as evidenced by all your blogging). So proud that you embraced your inner creativity and made a no planning quilt. It looks awesome. Any idea when you might come up here for a finishing marathon? Keep me updated on the progress. Her