Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Starting more quilts ...

I started this quilt a while ago and have finally finished the top this week!!  It's called Till the Cows Come Home!!!  

I can't wait to get it quilted and to start using it!!  I also will be making 6 of these quilts for Penny!!  Her gang of friends called "THE COWS" turn 60 next year.  She asked me to make each of them their own cow quilt.  Each one will have 6 cows, a barn and a house.  I might add a tree or two!!  

This is the other quilt I started this week:  

It isn't going to be pretty when it's done but it's the thought that counts right???  I wanted to use large squares to make this so it showed off the prints.  I should have thought about that a little more.  The bandaid material is a little wild!!  I also wanted to use my ruler from JayBird Quilts to make jewels.  It's challenging because I have to sew y-seams together but they aren't that bad.  You would be great at it because you don't have to iron until your all done!!  You do have to pin in a few places or mark the 1/4 inch seam.  Like you said, I can pull this all together with the quilting!!!  

I hemmed 3 pairs of jeans, fixed a shirt, hemmed a dress, started to hem a bridesmaid dress, coached skating and watched a lot of Vampire Diaries!!!  Tomorrow, I'm subbing at the Comp - should be interesting.  It's been a year on Saturday since I taught there last.  Then skating and to finish off the night, we are going to a St. Patrick's Day Party!!  

Can't wait to see what your up to!!!

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