Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day of Productivity

So I had a productive day.  My starting point was this
The original reason for the stall was I had run out of scrappy blocks.  So I made 36 scrappy block and the last star point.  Then I assembled the scrappy blocks into 18 inch bigger blocks and put this all together.
 Now I have a dilemma. I knew it would be square when I was designing it and I thought I could be okay with that, but I can't keep it square.  It's about fifty four inches square so I'm thinking I will add 6.5 inches to the top and bottom to make it a rectangular couch quilt.  Something like this pic
What do you think?  How was your day of productivity?

1 comment:

  1. I love that wonky star quilt!! Fantastically scrappy!! I like square quilts but understand that they aren't the best for couch quilts. I like the dark star instead of white material. It gives it an understated feel and still stands out great! I had a productive day!! Even got Dallas involved!!