Saturday, March 26, 2016

Origin of the Pink Tournament Quilt

Jessie Smoliak asked me to make a t-shirt quilt for the teacher/coach that started the original "Pink" basketball tournament.  She collected a bunch of the t-shirts that are sold at the tournaments and I found some great pink basketball material for the back.  

I'm using my go to charcoal/black material in between and for the boarders.  

I cut the t-shirts up and ironed on the fusible webbing onto the back of them so they won't stretch out when I sew them together.  After that, I tried to figure out a layout.  I actually just put them out on the floor to thin about it.

I was just looking at them when Dallas decided to join in and change my plan.  

Here's his layout ... Which I am using!!!  

Nice and even!!  Everything is balanced in Dallas' world with this layout!!  Except the upside down square on the bottom!!!  I have 2 rows stitched together.  I hope to get the other two rows stitched together tomorrow and have it finished by tomorrow night!!  

I got my next quilt all mapped out ... 

That's what my instructions look like.  This is what the quilt should look like

I need to get some print material to actually make this.  I've collected a lot of Basic Grey Grunge fabric that is solid and I love it.  I'm just not sure if it would look as good done in solids as it does with 19 great prints.  19 different prints plus white are needed to get this quilt done and a lot of 1/2 square triangles.  I'm going to need help picking out material for this one.  I might just put this one on the "I really want to make this quilt" pile for a while and collect some material.  I also need to collect material for the cow quilts that I need to make for Penny!!  I'm excited because I can actually start to buy material again!!  Woot Woot!!!  

Great productive day for the two of us!!!  

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