Monday, November 12, 2012

I've been MIA lately!!

Hey there ...

I can't believe that I haven't blogged since September 2nd.  What's worse than that???  I don't have much to share!!  School has kept me so busy so far this school year.  Here's what I have accomplished:

This weekend I made 2 cowls for Christmas presents.

I started this Christmas tree wall hanging years ago.  I really liked it, went out and bought all the material, cut it all out and then discovered that the stars where paper pieced.  I thought to myself, I can do this!!  HAHAHAHA ... little did I know!  3 hours later I had completed 1/2 a star.  So I packed it in a bag and thought I'll do that later!  Yesterday I figured I'd give it another try.  So, I worked for about 6 hours yesterday and all day today to finish 13 paper pieced stars.  I'm pretty sure I will never do another project like this one ever!!!  Here's that pattern ...

Here's me working on it!

Here are two finished stars.  Star Y and Star X.  They do look great!!

This I did when I first started this project, its the star for the top of the tree.

Here's the presents that go along the bottom!  I made these when I first started this project too!!!
Hopefully, soon, I'll be able to show you the finished project!!

Mr. ME and I bought some vintage feed sacks while we were on holidays.  I've made some into pillows:

And others into curtains ...  I need to take a picture of this!!

We had a Vegas themed school dance last week.  I made the welcome to Vegas sign!  I gotta say it's pretty awesome!!  I often wonder, when I can do things like this, why am I still teaching???

I made some ghosts for our haunted house that the SRC hosted!  The haunted house turned out to be fantastic!!  We made so many kids cry ... it was great (is that awful to say?!?!?)  They were all smiling at the end when they ran off with a large bag of candy!!  Here are my wonderful ghosts:
I think I'm going to make more next year and sell them!  They are so cute and easy to make!!

Two groups from school, Students for Social Justice and the SRC, went out trick or treating for canned food items to support Halloween for Hunger.  We had very few students show up but we did collect almost 400 lbs of food!!

This has been my reading material lately.  I'm trying really hard not to start a new project until I finish up a few more.  They have great organization techniques in this book so instead of starting something new, I just organized the material into possible project bags!!  Another productive procrastination technique that I've stumbled upon!!

I'm sure I've done more than this ... I've hemmed some pants this past month too!  About 5 pairs!  I need to fix a pair of pants and a couple of shirts too!  I've been rough on my clothing these days!!

I made another baby quilt too... I can't find the pictures.  I'm going to have to take more and post them soon!!
Happy Sewing ... I love long weekends!!  Why can't all weekends be 3 days long???


  1. You are alive! Looks like you've been busy. Love the cowls. I've made a couple of prototypes but haven't quite found the right pattern/idea in head yet. That looks like a crazy Christmas wall hanging. Henceforth why I don't make hangings or do paper piecing. Too complicated for this girl. I just need to make some pillow shams for Mere's quilt and I'll be able to relax.

  2. Oops! I agree. All weekends should by 3 days long!