Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 Goals - Check in

Hey there ... I can't remember the last time I looked at this list so I thought I should do a check in and see where I'm at!!

The already started, just need to be finished list:
  •  No change in status for this one!!  I may have to make it a Christmas goal to get this one done. Frosted Flakes - Top is done, need material for the back, to quilt it and bind it!

  • DONE!!! Table cloth - just need to bind it!
  • I have made a few more squares for this one.  I need to dedicate a weekend to making this one and get it done!  Checkered Past - red and white quilt

  • I haven't gotten anywhere with this one either!!  Happy Go Lucky - a Crazy Mom Quilts quilt - I want to quilt this one like she did, with little circles. Just need to practice a little and then get to it!
  • DONE!!! Light house by Sweetwater - top is done, just need to decide on backing!
  • Done ... yeah ... first one on the list that I can say I have finished!!  Christmas Tree (circles) wall-hanging
  • This is the paper piecing one I was talking about in my last post.  See how wonderful it is!!  My goal is to finish this on this week!!  How Lovely Are Thy Branches - wall hanging - paper piecing is going to kill me with this one!

Gift List:
  • Done and was on time!! Cor's wedding quilt - The top is done and the back is about 75% done! Need a little more material to finish it off!!
  • I've got to get my butt in gear to get this one done for Christmas!  I just have the outer borders to put together!  I'm still planning on giving this to Mom in pieces and letting her put it all together!  Stars Around the Garden - this one is going to take a lot of patients to finish!!
  • Done!!  YEAH!!  Prairie Corner wall-hanging for Grandma Anne
  • Material is bought and cut out!  I have one 3/4 made!  13 to make for Christmas ... I better get moving!  I am making my whole family Christmas stocking for next Christmas.
  • Done!!  Breakfast at Tiffany's - one for Tiffany and one for Kelly - I have the material for these two now!!

Haven't started but would like to make list:
  • I have a top done!  Chelsea wants to buy this one from me!  Not sure if I can let it go.  I really like it!!  Twister - your new ruler

  • Intersection by Sweetwater - No change ... I look at the pattern and think ... I like it and would like to make it!

  • Done - Down home tote by Sweetwater - I made 2 of these.  I gave one to Reagan and sold one as a grad gift.

  • No Change - Evening Empire Dress by Anna Maria -
  • No change - Socialite Dress by Anna Maria
  • No change - Waste Knot - this is going to be my scrappy quilt of the year!! I did a practice block a while ago. It will be an easy quilt to make!
  • No change - Mosaic - I want to do this is bright colours and white - I think this one would be fun in bright blues and white or a bright pink and white!!
  • I would like to make this Shirred/Stretchy Scarf. I have made a bunch of T-shirt scarfs ... does that count???
  • I would like to do something with Sweetwater's fabric line: Reunion!! I really like this material but can't find anything to do with it and haven't bought any so I think this one can be scratched off the list!
  • I should buy some of this material just in case I find a chair like this some day!!  I just saw this on Sweetwater's blog... I love the chair and the pillow with the circles!!! I am sure I could make that pillow and I would love to have a chair like that!

Sometime in the future list:
  • Granny Squares - I think I could treat this as a quilt-a-long and complete one square a month!! This one will take a lot of work!! I do love it!
  • Boxed in ... I just like this wall-hanging!
  • Pieced Border Quilt - I do like this one and think we could make it in a weekend!! - I moved this one b/c I do like it and think it could be a future choice!! And because I added two more to the want to make list!!

I took the bottom section off the list b/c it just keeps growing!!  I think I'm going to do an updated to-do list this weekend!
Happy Monday!

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  1. Funny you did this. I was thinking yesterday I should really look at my list. I'll have to do that this week.