Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Ruler


I'm rewarding myself on a daily basis for surviving a day of teaching! I might need to get a summer job because of this!!!

Yesterday, I stopped by Tiger Lily Quilts and picked up the 60 degree Diamond Ruler!

 This is what I made with my new ruler!!!
 I looked at a variety of tutorials on "Y" seams.  There is only 1 way to do it but there are a 100 different explanations.  Most tutorials said the best way to do a y seam was to sew by hand.  Not going to happen here.  I need more instant gratification and need to see that I have actually accomplished something.  The 6-point star looks pretty good, until you take a closer look at the center.
 I think I know why the center has one piece off.  When I put this together, I started at 8 o'clock and sewed counter clockwise.  I should have split the star into 2 halves and then sewed them together.  The white squares aren't too difficult to add in as long as you mark the 1/4 in seams.

I can't wait to try this again tonight!!!  I have a bunch of strips that are a variety of sizes that I am going to use for practice.  These squares will be added to the "practice square pile" and some day will be sewing together to make the practice square f-ugly car quilt.  I have a few squares that haven't turned out at all.  OR ... if they turn out pretty good, then I may make a random 6-point star quilt with all the blocks being different sizes.  Then I could piece it together just like a puzzle!!!  This could be interesting!!

How are the boobs coming along?

Happy Thursday

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