Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Present to ME!!

Hey there ....

It was great to see you last weekend!!  I'm excited to show you what I have made with my new purchases!!!

I love this material ... so much that I'm thinking about buying some more!!

 Take a peak at what I've been up to!!

 I finally have enough squares done to make the top of this one.  I think I am going to take the top row and move it to the bottom just to finish the pattern off a little more.
I know what I'm going to be up to this weekend ... writing finals!!!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love the new fabric and the cute top. The half squares look good. Is it laying on your spare room bed?

  2. I wish that was laying on my spare room bed but that's actually my bed!! I tossed all the covers on the floor so I could lay out the quilt!!! Dallas has the living room floor occupied with stuff presently!! Our bed was the next logical choice!!