Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some finishes from June/Photo Shoot

1. Above is the table runner I made for out staff party. It's a disappearing nine patch made with Blush by Moda.

2.I took a quilt (the giant quilt in the Millions Annex) outside for a photo shoot today. It was supposed to happen earlier today but a nap called my name. The quilt is a Strip Twist (see Bonnie Hunter's site) with a piano key border. The back is very simple with a border of Log Cabins).

Okay, Now I feel like I did something. I also went and got backing fabric (more fabric) for the two quilts I need to back and quilt. I must stop underestimating what I need.



  1. I love that Strip Twist. The back of that quilt looks great.

    Something that I need to do more of is back art. I love the strip of Log Cabin across the back! I think I should do that for the secret quilt!

  2. Definately a good idea for the secret quilt's back. Either log cabins of square in square's (like Oralee;s quilt)