Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New material!!!

I bought the material and matching thread for the secret. I got it at Periwinkle Quilting. I could have bought a lot of material but I didn't!!!! I just bought what I needed. So tonight when I got back to Reagan's place, I took out my pattern and started. I got the word all drawn out on the Heat 'n Bond. I just have to cut out the center so that I can get it ironed on. I am struggling a little bit with how to put it all together. I think I have it figured out! I am going to draw it out before I cut into any of the material. I sure how I bought enough!!!

I can't wait to get home so I can do some quilting. The workshop that I was suppose to attend next week has been canceled so now I can sew sew sew!!!!


  1. Okay, previous comment didn't post so i will try again. I knew you would make it to the quilt store. I'm interested to see how the process goes. If Mr. Christa doesn't check this blog be sure to put up some pics.
    I have great plans to do some late night quilting this week. Why do I quilt better at night? sorry we won't get to see you this week but I'm sure you will use your time wisely. maybe I will be super motivated and do and blog lots. We'll see.

  2. I will put up some pictures of the fantastic material. I googled the team and discovered that I purchased the perfect colours!!! This is going to be an interesting project!