Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another quilt for me to do ... Imagine that!!!!!

I'm obsessed with this quilt.  I can't wait to get started.  I've even finished a few tasks that I hate doing - I took out the garbage, did errands around town, swept/washed the floor (okay I turned the robot on)!!!  This is the version of the quilt that caught my eye:

I found it on Pinterest, which lead me to Pile O'Fabric Modern Sewing Blog!!! As I read the post, I discovered she used a jelly roll and made this into a wall hanging instead of a full size quilt.  I just happen to have a few jelly rolls and I think I might follow her lead and make a wall hanging instead of a full sized quilt.  So I played with some colours:

Since the quilt is called Super Nova, I thought I would search for some guidance.  Here's what I used: 

An actual super nova!!!  I have a few more things, quilt things, to finish before I get to start this one.  Maybe I can do this in NB this summer just using scraps!!  No planning???  Not sure I can do that!!!!

One more sleep and it's the last day of school!!!!

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  1. That is cool! It would look really neat as a wall hanging.