Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Wedding Gift ...

So I didn't get this quilt done on time for the wedding but I did show the couple the picture!!  They were excited!  Here's where I'm at:

I started to lay this out tonight after I completed the squares.  It was more challenging than I thought it should have been.  I couldn't get the angle right.  This is the first 1/2 of the quilt.

Here is 90% of the quilt:

I have all the side and end triangles done.  They are pinned to the instruction sheets so I don't mix them up!!  I'm going to pin these rows together so I don't mix up the order!  

I am going to start and finish a baby gift tomorrow!  I had some help getting this started!  

I can't wait to put this one together.  I'll have to pick out a new tv series to start tomorrow so I can stay focused!!  

Hope this gives you the motivation to get that quilt done, Her!!!

Happy Saturday night!
Good night!

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