Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hey there,
  The end is near, the end is near... I just keep saying  this over and over.  I have actually managed to get a bit of sewing done despite Andy giving me his lung infection.( very scary, have never actually felt that incapacitated ever)  I nearly have Logan and Eva's quilt done. It's white, turquoise, and a black print with some turquoise in it. It looks similar to this picture.
I quilted it with wavy lines going vertically and have the turquoise binding nearly done.  Eva's really a modern quilt kind of girl so I hope she loves it.  I've also been trying to make blocks with all of my not quite scraps.  You know, those pieces left over from other projects that are like fat quarter size so you save them  for something.  I just making some simple block that will be a scrap quilt for someone unknown.
I've really been thinking about doing some sort of solids quilt but haven't made up my mind yet what pattern/way to go with that.  
I also bought a meter of yellow with very small white polka-dot fabric for the yellow/grey quilt.  It kind of reminded me of gingham ? and old ladies so it must be right for the quilt.
We might be off to Stoon today so some fabric shopping might be in store for me.
So what are you up to today?

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