Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's the final countdown ....

That's the song that has been playing through my head for the last week .... now it really is the last week and the final countdown has officially began!!  I hope you had a great birthday yesterday!  In your honour, I visited the dentist for the third time in a month!

I stumbled upon the Joann's website yesterday and saw that their big roll of batting was on sale for 50% off, so I bought it!!  I've been out of batting since last summer and our apartment isn't the best place to lay out quilts to finish them, so I've just kept making quilt tops instead of finishing all of them.  I figure I will be able to use it all up this summer because I have a number of quilt tops made already.  In fact, I finished another top this weekend!! I had planned on getting it done last week but finals, marking and a retirement party got in my way!  It's not as bright as the one in the pattern but I still like it!

It was difficult to select colours for this one because I was using scraps up!  It's not that big and is square so I think it will become a wall hanging eventually (once I have a wall to hang it on!!).  Or it might look good as an accent quilt with the other Hometown quilt.  The one I was making for our bed, that has recently been demoted to the spare bed.  Poor quilt, demoted before it was even done!!  Its sad really!

As you can imagine, I started another quilt!!  I'm so excited about this one because I love the material so much.  Its called PB&J!!  Here are a few pictures of some squares that I started Sunday night:

Since there are 39 squares in this quilt and a lot of cutting/sewing together, I thought I would do it one colour at a time.  Then we can lay it out at your place to pick the colour pattern.  This is the first colour I started with...

Here's the first one put together.... it's actually not sewn down the middle yet.

Here's the second colour.

Here's the third ... all pinned together, ready to be stitched!

I'm surprised how fast I can get these blocks put together.  My goal is to finish this quilt the first week we are on holidays!!  Actually finish it and put it on my bed!!  Now that I have all that batting arriving soon.

4 days left ... we can do it!

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  1. I love the barn dance quilt. You will have a major summer of finishes for sure with all of that batting. When do you think you will be coming up to start all of these finishes?