Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Crafts

Merry Christmas!!
We spent the weekend out in Oungre for the Wock family Christmas and the we had Christmas with Mr Me's family on Sunday!! Mr Me went to work today and do did I!!! I worked at fun stuff, not real work!! I made two signs and did all the laundry!! It doesn't sound like much but I'm exhausted!! I'm sure I did a fee more things like move the vehicles bc the snow removal crew was out today and then I took my computer to the hospital! The screen quit, actually you could say that there's a light bulb burnt out! I've been using Mr Me's iPad and a screen that I borrowed! I figured this was he best time to get it fixed!! I can still do everything that I need to on my phone or using the iPad!! Here are a few pictures of what I did today!!

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  1. Love the signs. I'll post pics of my recent projects soon.