Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updating the TO - DO List again...

Howdy ...

Below is my to do list from June 2nd ... I have actually got a few things done!!!! I have also added a few things to my list!!!

  1. DONE - Kristy's T-Shirt quilt
  2. Brown/Blue/Green/Red - brick road - needs to be quilted. I can't decide what kind of pattern to quilt on this one, that's why I haven't finished it yet. - I am in the middle of quilting this one!! Straight lines take for ever!!!!
  3. Cirlce one that I started last summer. I can't find material for the back of this quilt. I have the top done just need to find a back. - I still haven't done anything with this one!!!
  4. Happy Go Lucky - This is the one from Crazy Mom Quilts Blog - I loved hers so I made my own version.
  5. Strip Maze - I bought this kit at our quilt show. This is a really easy strip piecing quilt to do. I got it from Prairie Chicks Quilting, Scrapbooking & Country Gifts. I bought the lap size but wanted the twin so Michael picked up a second kit for me. These ladies are great! I have 27 squares made ... I need 63 total!!! I am done the top for this one. Do you think I can use a red sheet for the back?? Is red too much for the back of a quilt???
  6. DONE!!! - I gave this away as a wedding gift!!! It was hard to part with it b/c I loved it once I got it finished. Bento Box - I bought a couple of jelly rolls and saw this pattern on Crazy Mom Quilts Blog. I got out some graph paper and made myself a pattern. I am strip piecing this one together. I am almost half done the top of this one. I have this one quilted (as of today). I have to run to Wal-Mart to pick up some material to make the binding. I hope to finish this one today!!!!
  7. DONE!!! IT IS STUFFED AND ON MY CHAIR!!! Flower pillow - Mom bought me this for my birthday. It's so cute! She picked it up for me at our quilt show. She got it from the Quilt Patch. I have it all cut out and just need to finish hand sewing the little message before I put it all together.
  8. Wall hanging for Grandma L - She really liked this wall hanging so I told her to buy the pattern and I would make it for her. She picked it up at our quilt show and got it from the Quilt Patch too. At this same time my Mom bought a welcome sign. I got to make that too. She said that is was a good deal for her ... she buys the pattern, I make it! - I need to get on this asap!!!
  9. DONE!!! I bought a triangle ruler and I want to use it to make a quilt with too. It is awesome to work with. I have played around with it and it makes perfect squares! I used the triangle ruler to make my table cloth!!
I don't think it's a good idea to keep a to - do list about quilting!! The list just keeps growing!!!



  1. You might be right about the list growing. I'll have to try and make mine. It too seems to be getting longer and longer. Actually I should find my old list so I can see what I have done.

  2. Okay, I checked my list from last year and the only thing I still have on their is cor's birthday quilt. I've hit a wall on that one. Of course my list was quite short. The real list in my head is way longer.

  3. Do you think I can put a red sheet on the back of this quilt???