Sunday, January 24, 2016

An update ...

I spent some time on Friday checking out what I have going on in the quilting world.  I have 24 quilt tops done, 6 quit tops started or maybe more.  I knew there were a lot but come on 30 quilt tops ... Where am I ever going to use 30 quilts???  So my new plan ... I'm going to put them on Etsy.  There's got to be a few of them that I'm willing to get rid of, right?

So here's one of the started quilt tops I worked on this past Friday:

I've always like the quilts with the start half on the quilt.  I figured I would get this one done ... Or at least the pieces put together.  

I was going to put white as the background but then decided to go with black.  It really seems to make the star stand out.  I'm going to quilt it with bright coloured thread just like this pictured below:

That's the quilt that I looked at for a pattern.  Just kind of made the parallelograms into whatever size I wanted and went with it.  I was able to use my rule ... Have I told you how much I love all my rulers??  I found a couple other ones the other day that I think I might need, some time in the future!!  I ran out of black material so I couldn't finish this one.  I don't have any batting left (I can't believe I used it all up and now our dollar is too bad to look for another roll).  

So as you can only guess, I started another quilt!!  This is the one I thought I would do:

I got it started but decided to change it up a bit because I didn't like the way they were sewing each little square together instead of doing some strip piecing. 

I figured that I could do a pinwheel with one wheel instead of with 3 and then it wouldn't take me so long.  I should have just done three and followed the instructions, but what fun is that!!!

I wasn't sure how big of a slab of material I would need to add... It took me sometime to get it figured out but I did!!  Here it is, 12 in x 12 in ... I need to  add on to it because they are suppose to be 15 in x 15 in.

Here's the 2 wheeled pinwheel ... 

My picture taking skills need some work.  Sorry about the blurry pictures!!!  

I'm going to set the goal of finishing - quilted and bound - at least 2 quilts a month.  Not sure where I'm going to store them but I'm going to get them done!!!

What have you been up to lately??

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  1. You might need to come up here and just work at quilting while I go to the salt mines. I'll expect some finishing updates.