Monday, August 22, 2011

To early for Christmas?


I saw this advertisement for a new fabric line in the design of a Christmas tree. It was cute so I made my own version!!! I am giving it away as a shower gift!!! Can't you believe it ... I am actually giving something away!!! I do plan on making myself one too and maybe a few more for Christmas presents!! I think I will make the next version with plan green circles and busy decoration circles!!!

Here is my version:

Please note: I used Dallas' camera to take this picture and I can't seem to rotate any of the pictures. It was hard enough finding them on my computer. His camera saves stuff in an odd way!!! So you will need to turn your head to look at my cute tree!!!

The green material has little Christmas trees on it and the other circles are made from different scraps of Christmas material that I had!!

On another note ... I am almost finished the strip twist quilt. All I have left is the binding!!! I want to go outside and take some pictures later ... and to pick up some batteries for my camera!!!

Happy Quilting

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  1. Fabulous!! I'm very proud of you for planning to give something away. P.S. Sharen would love something like this and I don't do applique so I guess it's up to you.
    What's up next?