Friday, December 17, 2010


Hey ...

The secret quilt is done!!!!! I finished the binding last night! Every time I finish a quilt, I am always so amazed at how the binding pulls the quilt together! I am so excited to be done. All I have left to do is wash it so that it frays!!! All I have left to finish before Christmas is Grandma's banner. It's this cute Santa Clause banner. The pattern is for a table runner or a banner. It's pretty cute! When I get done I will post some pictures!

In other news ... I am more unfocused than most of my students. I couldn't sit still yesterday. I hope that today is better! When are you guys done for the holidays? My last day is Tuesday!!! I was looking at the calender and I think I am only going to get two or three days of sitting at home, staying in my pj's and doing nothing but sewing over the break!!! I plan to work on my to do list!!!

Happy Friday ...

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  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see the finished project. focus? I've heard of that but it seems to have also left this area. My kids and I are a craft factory. we've made felt tree's with button ornaments, we've painted glass balls,decorated cookies,made wreaths, and we have a felt gingerbread man to do before our last day, Wednesday. I'm hoping to get some serious sewing done over the break as well.