Friday, October 22, 2010

Cool under pressure

Sometimes I am such a slacker child(with a short memory). I just remembered at 7:00 tonight that I had told Mom that I would make a table runner for a door prize for the harvest tea instead of baking pies. 3 hours later and I have one super cute skinny Christmas table runner. (Idea from Moda Bake shop Skinny Verna). I really like the straight line quilting on it. Sort of makes it look modern-ish. Anyway it's a super easy thing to do when you need something in a hurry.
Of course I haven't done any thing on my big projects but I do feel a sense of accomplishment from making the table runner and sometimes you really need that.
What's up with you?


  1. Okay, I just noticed that both the pictures are upside down so just tilt you head and you get the picture. (pun intended)

  2. WOW ...

    I am impressed!!! I do like the straight line quilting. I am trying to do that on a big quilt right now. It is very very time consuming. I have been using the width of a foot on my machine as a guide but when I change directions I am going to use painters tape.

    I bought some material today that matches the panel you gave me. I think I am going to do a pillow and a wall hanging out of it. I got a green flannel and a red strip for the binding. I can't wait to work on it. I like using strips for the binding!!!


  3. Hi,
    I can only imagine how time consuming it is to straight line quilt on a giant quilt. I think that I will have to try straigh-ish quilting on something soon. I've seen some great pics on flickr that have made me think.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the panel. I'm thinking a banner and a small wall hanging.